KXR METAVIEW (K-FutureTech eXtended Reality META VIEW System) visualizes
data provided in various environments such as ships and smart factories and
proposes solutions through AI-based context recognition systems.

KXR Platform Series
KXR Platform is a platform that has solutions optimized for ‘KXR DEVICE’,
KXR METAVIEW is the second one of these solutions.
KXR METAVIEW is customized based on customer requirements.

Key Features

It provides the XR-based functions for the digital transformation of work places.

  • Visualizing sensing data

    Visualize data collected from radar, GPS and
    other environmental sensors in real time.

  • AI-based situation response guide

    Various information received in real time is
    analyzed based on AI and is provided with
    a response guide for each situation

  • Digital Twin/Defense System Interworking

    Provides an interface for interworking with
    a digital twin MES system/defense weapon system.

  • Screen recording

    It can record not only real life but also
    augmented references by the FPV of the
    workman waring ‘KXR DEVICE’

  • Remote collaboration system

    You can collaborate with work partner in each
    space such as central control room, through
    means of communication such as video and
    voice calls, pointing and drawing, and data sharing.

  • Education · Training system

    Customized content with the ability to deal
    with each situation according to job
    characteristics can be used for education and training.